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Chair Massage


Massage is often thought of as just a feel-good luxury for the wealthy or limited to use at special occasions. The truth is that as a society, we in the US have not yet fully accepted or learned how massage can help our citizens be healthier, stay healthier, and recover quicker from illness. Other countries and cultures have understood these benefits and employed them successfully for thousands of years. Take a look below and ask yourself if any of these benefits could help you or your company.
Reduce Stress: The overall session is designed to reduce physical as well as mental stress.

Increase Morale: Our program is loved by our clients. Employees see our program as an effective benefit that shows them that your company cares about their mental and physical health.

Increase Resistance to Illness:
Massage can help boost the immune system.

Decrease Repetitive Stress Symptoms:
Problems like carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis are examples of injuries associated with repetitive actions. This type of work leads to chronic tightness and physical injury. We help to reduce this chronic muscle tightness and help to educate clients on correcting posture, stretches, and self-help.

Increases Flexibility:
By reducing muscle tension and chronic tightness, your flexibility will increase tremendously.

Increase Range-of-Motion (R.O.M.)
: R.O.M. is decreased by chronic tension; massage can reduce tension and tightness, thereby increasing R.O.M.

Reduce Muscle Soreness:
Poor posture and chronic tension lead to soreness and pain. By reducing the tension through our session and educating our clients on posture, we can help eliminate pain of this nature.

Reduce Anxiety:
Sometimes our hectic lives take an emotional toll on our bodies which leads to physical problems. Our sessions give an effective way for high stress people to take time out.


The health related aspects of massage lead to less employee down time on and off the job and therefore less sick days and workers compensation claims. Chair massage makes a great morale booster for hardworking employees, and shows that your company cares. Many of the benefits help to increase concentration and mental alertness leading to increased productivity. Your employees will be happier and more efficient, while making fewer mistakes on and off the job.


Chair massage per hour: $50.00 (minimum of 2 hours) per therapist

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